When You are Ready to Put Down the Box…

For just one moment I wish you could stand here with me, my friend.

Because our God is so much bigger than grudges, anger, fear, doubt, discord and anxiety.

We could talk about where you’ve wandered and what you are holding.

We could talk about the lists we’ve made.

Then I’d say something silly to make you laugh.

At some point we probably would cry about how far we’ve wandered from

the God who says, “I’ve got this.”

And I’d remind you that there is a path beyond that box…. that only He created.

Be brave. Put down the box.



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One comment

  1. shellie (baylormum) says:

    And I stepped away from reading blogs. I found a new way of connecting now that I live in a city again!

    I love your last 3 posts! So much of what’s new with you and your family. Those are the types of posts that drew me to you in the 1st place. The everyday struggles (sort of) of a stay-at-home-mom who is now also a teacher (you always were, but now it’s a little more structured).

    I think your photography also drew me in. Your eye for detail blows me away! Whether it’s your beautiful children or a mushroom! And it’s ok to be private with your kids. I have nosy family & “friends”, too. Some seem to revel in the idea of rumors. I don’t need that in my life. One less stressor is ok by me!!

    And I carried God in a box, too! For so long I shared what was in the box, but then fell away. I think it was because I got busy and God was a luxury. I don’t know!! I grew tired of tired sermons and plastic people. So many plastic people. Stepford wife kind of plastic. “Come on and drink my kool-aid”. Ummm, no thanks!

    Recovery from addiction brought me back to a place of peace & a renewed love of Jesus Christ. And I relearned how to share. First, I got comfortable sharing about recovery in meetings. Then, to addicts not in recovery yet. Then, I gained my confidence to share about Jesus. You know the one. Doesn’t judge. Helps lift up the fallen. Heals the broken. Touches those afflicted with flesh-eating bacteria. All without fear. Because He truly loves all unconditionally.

    I often say in meetings, that I love each person in the room, but I may not always like them. It also works for the people (like stupid family) around me.

    I’ve held your post hostage long enough! Good to stop by & see the kids & a less formal post! I’ll try not to go so long in-between.

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